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Fast, Easy and Secure Digital Asset Exchange
CPDAX is a brandnew cryptocurrency exchange by Coinplug, based on years of Blockchain technology experience and operating know-how.

  • Safeguard customer's information and assets
    Coinplug focuses heavily on applying advanced security system and encryption algorithms to CPDAX for secure trading environment.
  • Public Disclosure of Listing Evaluation Framework and Transparent Operation
    CPDAX sets the value-based evaluation criteria including business model, technicality and legality in a cryptocurrency and discloses the result of listing evaluation.
  • Pioneer for Values, standards and Innovations
    Concentrates on acting with the basics, seeks to maintain the values and standards for building healthy ecosystem and innovating digital finance.
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Metadium is an identity verification platform based blockchain ecosystem. With the platform, we are trying to solve the issues of both inefficiency of offline identity verification process and vulnerability of online identity.

Metadium will grant trusted online identities for all participants including individuals, contents, and IoT devices to utilize them on a variety of trust based businesses.

  • With digital identity management infra. ‘Meta-ID’ at its core, Metadium supports flexible expansion of business models including open payment, token exchange, personalized token management and many more.
  • Coinplug is Metadium's technology partner.
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CP Cube is a B2B platform brand representing blockchain & PKI based service platform under Mobile Centric environment.

It provides a wide-range of services including authentication, open payment, point swap, etc.

CP Cube offers new business paradigm experience for users and service providers by supporting secure authentication, open payment service that benefits all participants and a variety of digital asset management, etc.

  • Starting with PKI based authentication service, CP Cube aims to provide innovative & competent business environment for service providers.
SBI Cosmoney

SBI Cosmoney’s international remittance service eliminate the shortcoming and tradeoffs of traditional remittance services and send money internationally in a safe and secure manner based upon the enhanced technology of the leading fintech corporation.

  • SBI Cosmoney is currently offering service in Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, and Napal. In the future, SBI Cosmoney will expand business countries further including China.
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METADIUM Enterprise
Blockchain Use Cases

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